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Kroger feedback is a portal where customers of Kroger stores will be answering the questions related to their shopping experience and share the feedback in the portal. Kroger Stores feedback portal was launched by the company to monitor and maintain the standards of their product quality and services.

Customer who wishes to take the survey had to visit the official feedback portal ( and enter the purchase date and time with the entry ID on the purchase receipt. Without the purchase receipt, you won’t be able to enter the program. This article will be helpful to win Krogerfeedback, gift cards or cash rewards with this program.

Kroger Survey Feedback for Customer

This platform is very useful for customers who would love to share their shopping experience with the company. Your honest review can be helpful for the company to improve its quality and performance. Kroger business hours might vary, before you leave for shopping check the Kroger stores near you and its opening hours.

Some customer faces many issues with the quality of the product, pricing difference, lack of employee kindness and even more problems which they can share directly with the higher officials of the company through Kroger Feedback portal.

Kroger Feedback Survey

Do you know why people love to shop at Kroger? Because Kroger Co loves to hear its customer’s feedback opinions that they improve their quality standards by fulfilling the customer’s need. Being the leader in the grocery chain, the company wants to hear from the frequent shoppers and questions about the customer experience.

kroger feedback survey

Why do the customers need to share their opinions? Because you get a chance to win a cash reward worth $5,000, 1 100$ worth gift cards, and 50 bonus fuel points for all the customers. These gas points will be credited, when you successfully submit the program by submitting the Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card details at the end. These can be used on any of the supermarket chain kroger stores.

Details about Kroger Customer Sweepstake Program

Sweepstake Program by Kroger
Do I have to make any Purchase?NO, Purchase is not required to enter the sweepstake.
How to Enter?ONLINE / Mail
Unlimited Rewards50 Fuel Points
Limited Rewards $5,000 Cash Reward
$100 Gift card (For 100 winner)
Validity of the receiptwithin 7 Days
Any entry limit?ONE / Week

Rewards for Customer

  • 50 Kroger Fuel Points (for all customers)
  • Voucher Coupons
  • $100 Gift Card (100 lucky winners)
  • $5,000 Grand Prize (1 Winner)

Kroger Bonus Points:

Kroger fuel point is one of the rewards for its customers to save on fuel at any Kroger gas station. These points can be used in all the Kroger affiliated fuel stations like Shell Gas Station and other stores. Customers can use their earned 100 gas points to save 10 cents up to 1 dollar per gallon when they visit any fuel station and scan their Kroger Plus card to avail discount. fuel survey

Criteria to Rate for Kroger Satisfaction Survey

All the questions in the program will be related to the below criteria:

  • How satisfied are you?
  • Rate the employee behavior
  • Available of items on the store.
  • Whether the price was affordable/accurate?
  • Rate the store cleanliness and product quality.
  • Would you visit the store next time?
  • Any improvements needed to the store/product/service?
  • How was your shopping experience? & Rate them

Only one customer gets a chance to win the Grand prize of $5,000 and others get $100 worth gift card and every other will get Kroger 50 points. This giveaway program is very famous because of the fuel reward points.

What are the options to Enter – KrogerFeedback Survey

If you want to enter the Kroger customer satisfaction survey, then there are 2 ways from which you are eligible to participate in survey:

  • ONLINE (Submit your opinions through Survey)
  • Mail (Send your opinions on Mailing address) survey portal – Homepage

Once you access the official website, you need to provide necessary details like., Date and time of the purchase, Entry ID from your purchase receipt. After opening the official website on your computer, this is how the website will look like.

krogerfeedback customer survey

What are the Rules required for Kroger Feedback/Survey

  • NO Purchase is required.
  • Age should be more than 18 years and above.
  • A legal resident in any of the 50 State in the United States (Except Florida, Rhode Island, and New York and District of Columbia)
  • A valid purchase receipt which is not more than 7 days.
  • Any customers who are associated with Kroger or any of its subsidy companies by any means of relation will not be eligible to participate.

Before you take the krogerfeedback survey, make sure you follow the above rules which are mandatory for the qualification to win any rewards. Once the participants are aware of these rules, it’s easy for everyone to understand and follow them.

Once you are clear about the rules and requirements, next we will help you with a detailed procedure on how to participate in the survey program.

How to get Purchase Receipt for Kroger Survey

To participate in an online survey program, you need to have a purchase receipt with ENTRY ID, Date and Time of your purchase which are printed on your receipt. Follow the below steps to get a purchase receipt from any Kroger Store:

  • Find any nearest Kroger store.
  • Purchase any products/items from the store.
  • Pay the bill at the counter and receive your receipt.
  • In your receipt, you will find all the details like., Date, Time of your purchase and ENTRY ID.
  • Now save the receipt.

The purchase receipt is valid for 7 days only and you need to participate in the survey program within 7 days. After 7 days, your purchase receipt will become invalid and you can’t be able to enter the program. 50 bonus fuel points

How to Particiapte in Kroger Feedback Survey Program

Here is our complete step by step process on how to enter the survey:

  1. Visit the official website page ie., Kroger feedback / KrogerStoresFeedback
  2. In case if you are not clear about the website address, then type / “” on your mobile or computer.
  3. Now check your receipt to find the above details at the bottom of the receipt.
    • Date of the purchase
    • Time of the purchase
    • ENTRY ID
  4. Once you entered all the necessary details, click on the “START” button to get started.
  5. You will get the questions based on your visit.
  6. Answer the questions carefully and honestly.
  7. Share your feedback opinions with them.
  8. Check the progress at the bottom of the page.
  9. In the end, enter personal details like., Name, Address, Mobile Number, and your loyalty card details to receive notification about the reward and fuel points on the card.

How to Enter without Receipt (Using Mail)

Anyone can enter the survey even without a purchase receipt. Follow the below steps and you could easily participate in the Kroger monthly sweepstake program by Mail.

  • On a postcard, Write the details
    • Name
    • Complete Resident Address
    • Telephone number
    • Your Age
  • Send this post to the below address:
    • Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes,
      PMI Station, PO BOX 3547,
      Southbury, CT 06488-3547

Kroger Feedback Sweepstakes Prize Rewards:

1 Lucky Winner getsCash Reward of $5,000 for 1 Lucky Winner.
100 Winners gets$100 worth Kroger Gift card.
All participants get50 Bonus Fuel pt.
How the winners will get notified?By mail (postcard), phone number (text message) or e-Mail.

Kroger Customer Survey Winners:

All the winners of the program will be notified on the community portal by the employer in either two ways:

  • Text message on your mobile about the rewards you won.
  • Winners list will be updated on the official website.

Conclusion: That’s all, we hope you find this article very helpful in participating in Krogerfeedback. If you have any questions feel free to comment below. If you have won free Kroger rewards, share it below so that it might be useful for others.

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  1. I could not squeeze this in on the Kroger feedback form, but thought that you would like to know our experience.
    Purchase Date: 07/22/20
    Time: 10:05 am
    Entry ID: 706-421-35-319-500-535

    Got 2 bags of red grapes (2.05lb & 2.15 lb) marked as $ .88/lb. Self-Check receipt showed $1.99/lb. Went to Customer Service. Lady* (did not get her name) said she could not help – had no scale. Sent me to a cashier. This woman moved bags back & forth on scale for the longest time. She admitted that she had not done that before. My husband and I patiently waited, understanding that she has to learn sometime. However, I finely got frustrated with the rough way she handled the grapes. Knowing that they will get damaged, bruised and soggy, I attempted to help her. She would not listen The moment I opened my mouth, she stopped demonstratively. After some time, she said she could not help us, and sent us back to the CS. This Lady* again said she could not help and asked ”what do you want me to do?”. But when I tried to explain, she too cut me off every time. The last time I got so irate that I told her to shut up and listen. That is when she said “get out!” showing us the door.. I went back to her and apologized, because we needed this matter to be resolved. At this point, I finely could tell her that what I wanted to suggest was simply to refund the amount paid for the grapes and we would go to the check-out and pay for them again at the correct price. That is what we ended up doing. Quite simple.. But it made us almost an hour late to another commitment. What is worse, when we unpacked them at home, many of the grapes were, indeed, cracked lengthwise and very wet from juices, due to the way they were handled.

    It is unbelievable to experience such incompetency. First, the price charged should have been the one advertised. Second, it should not have CS taken so much time and effort to correct such an easy matter.
    And thirdly, one should be able to expect–especially from women, that sensitive goods, such as produce, are being handled with utmost care for the benefit of the consumer.

  2. Picked uo my online order today about 2:30 pm. The young lady who delivered the order to my car was very nice. Her name was Hanna. She entered my coupons, and they did not go through right away. She was basically, just delivering to me, and offered to go inside and have manager take a look. I said “no, I have ice cream in car, and it’s very hot out here, so I will just use coupons another time. Just then, all my coupons loaded on her machine and she was obviously delighted. So was I, but mostly from her reaction. She seemed relieved that all went through. I left with a smile. Thank you Hanna.

  3. I had one of my most disturbing shopping experiences to day at the store located at 2255 Las Vegas Blvd N. The shelves weren’t stocked, a skeleton crew of cashiers and a shortage of bags for my purchases. Stocks are getting worse with each shopping experience. You can’t blame bad service on COVIN 19. I hope I don’t have to search for another outlet.

  4. I was in Deli Dept at 3097 Baldwin Rd. in Orion Twp. ,Michigan. on August 13, 2020;employee ,James , stepped forward to serve me. His mask only covered his mouth. When I pointed out proper use of mask, he stated that he had surgery on his nose and could not cover it. He indicated that management was aware. He was polite and asked another employee to service me. My concern has to do with transmission of the novel covid virus.

    I called the store and requested to speak with the store manager. A person by the name of “Juliette” said that she was the store manager. I explained my concern and the relationship between the nose, mouth, and eyes ;she said that she would check with HR.
    James should have been provided reasonable accomodation by store management, if that is at all possible in a grocery store.

    I also want to compliment the store for providing Kroger face masks to some employees. And to give a special thanks to staff at the Kroger that I frequent most. Tracy, Levi, Tom, Adam [meat dept] and numerous others who are always helpful to customers; they are professional and very pleasant.

  5. I think Kroger had made a huge mistake by charging customers for the support of black lives matter if you as a business wants to support a terroristic group that’s your business. But don’t force me to as a patron to your business to donate if I am against it

  6. BLM is too radical politically. I have reviewed latest receipts and find no entry for
    BLM. If I do find such an entry on my receipt it will end a 60 year relationship with Kroger.

  7. I love your commercial’s of Low Low and the one exercising! Show more of excise one. Please do not reply. Thank you.

  8. I found no way to comment on your new policy of no-change-returned, so here’s my take on it. In our town, your competition is Walmart and Safeway. Walmart gives change and Safeway gives change. Obviously, there isn’t that much of a coin shortage. When practical, I will shift my shopping away from Fry’s and over to the other stores.

  9. I live in Morgantown WV. Comment: Private Selection Southern Butter Pecan is 100% better than Breyer ice cream, PS has whole pecans NOT chopped. VERY creameee. Had a $1.00 coupon so I bought Breyers. BIGG mistake. KROGER is BEST.


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