Grocery Delivery in Arizona using Autonomous Vehicles

In Arizona, deliveries of the purchase are already made with autonomous vehicles.

Kroger, a well-known American supermarket chain, and the technology company Nuro, have teamed up to create a fleet of autonomous vehicles that will be used for the delivery of goods. 

The pilot program tests have already started in a town in Arizona, in the United States.

Kroger & Nuro Partnered to make Grocery Delivery in Arizona

Kroger and Nuro have teamed up to create a fleet of autonomous delivery vehicles.

The total automation of driving will mean a real revolution in the way we understand mobility in cities. However, this technology will open up a wide range of additional issues. 

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Goods delivery, maintenance, and other services will be able to benefit from the advantages that fully autonomous vehicles will offer. A clear example of this paradigm shift that is just around the corner can be found on the other side of the great pond, in the United States.

Kroger, a well-known American supermarket chain, and the technology company Nuro, have decided to join forces and launch a delivery service with autonomous vehicles . 

A few days ago the pilot program tests began in the town of Scottsdale, Arizona

The retail giant and autonomous driving start-up allow citizens to receive their Kroger purchase at their doorstep in a self-driving vehicle.

The service is currently only available in a certain area of ​​Scottsdale and allows Kroger customers to receive their purchase on the same or next day. The home delivery fee is $ 5.95 (€ 5.20)

The vehicle that is driven will only arrive at the door of the home autonomously to deliver the purchase.

The pilot program has already started in Scottsdale, Arizona (United States), where Toyota Prius is used.

In the images that accompany this article, we can see the autonomous vehicle project that Nuro wants to develop, however, at the moment the autonomous cars that circulate in the aforementioned city of Arizona are very different. It is a fleet of Toyota Prius duly modified to have such driving automation technology.

The choice of the Toyota Prius is not accidental since, according to Nuro, the Japanese model will share many software and hardware systems with the Nuro R1. Customers participate in the Kroger feedback and enter the sweepstake survey program and could win exciting gift card rewards, voucher codes, and many more.

All the experience gained during the pilot program will be key to putting on the street, the final product capable of covering all the Kroger establishments throughout the North American country.

The Nuro R1 will have two compartments duly adapted for the transport of 6 grocery bags

The production version will be able to transport all types of products, although the pilot program has chosen to only allow this service to Kroger groceries and cleaning products.

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